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SendToQuickBase™ saves Emails and Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and more into Quick Base!

SendToQuickBase Cloud Feature

The SendToQuickBase cloud feature lets you easily save your email messages into your Quick Base Application without installing any software, preserving it in the cloud for access anywhere you're online. This feature is made possible given that saving into Quick Base simply requires that you include a special email address on your outgoing email messages (either in the To, Cc, or preferable the Bcc), or forward incoming messages to that email address.

Given this approach, SendToQuickBase can be used with any email program on any computer, running any operating system -- including smartphones and handheld devices. For example:

  • Windows (Outlook, Thunderbird, any email program)
  • Mac (Apple Mail, Entourage, any email program)
  • Gmail on a PC, Mac or Linux
  • Yahoo mail
  • Android phones
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • iPad

... any email program at all!

How to Save Emails Using Cloud Feature

Your SendToQuickBase Administrator specifies your special email address when they create the "Mapping" that defines where information is stored in Quick Base. For example, the Admin may specify , or any other variation they see fit.

Contact your SendToQuickBase Administrator to obtain the correct email address and begin saving with our cloud feature!

Must be on SendToQuickBase License

Before you can use save emails using SendToQuickBase, your SendToQuickBase Administrator must add you to your organization's SendToQuickBase License.

One-Time Setup: Setting Your Password

Once you have been added to your organization's SendToQuickBase License, there is a one-time setup needed before you can save emails using this approach. You must set your Quick Base password as follows:

  1. In your browser, log into Quick Base if you are not already.
  2. Open the Quick Base app SoftTechExperts Product Licenses.
  3. On the page that opens, locate your User record, and click Edit. If you cannot locate your User record, ask your SendToQuickBase Administrator to add you to the License. Edit User Record
  4. On the User page, click "Set Password". Note that you must allow pop-up windows from Set Password
  5. On the password page, enter your Quick Base password twice, and click "Submit". Enter Password
  6. Back on the User record page, click "Save". Save User Record

That completes the setup, however, if you change your Quick Base password, you must go through this procedure again.

Saving Sent Messages

To save an outgoing email you are sending, simply include the special email address in your Bcc (recommended), or To, or Cc.

BCC SendToQuickBase

While putting the email address in the To or Cc will save the message into Quick Base, if the recipient does a Reply All, an attempt will be made to save the message into Quick Base. However, since the message won't be coming from you, it will fail to save.

Saving Received Messages

To save an email you have received, simply forward that message to the special email address. Do not include any other email addresses on the forwarded message, just send it "To" the special email address.

Forward to SendToQuickBase