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SendToQuickBase™ saves Emails and Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and more into Quick Base!

SendToQuickBase Release History

SendToQuickBase 5

NOTE: Updating to version 5.13.1031 (or higher) is required to continue using SendToQuickBase and SendToOutlook starting on November 14, 2018 due to a change in Quick Base. Without this update, these add-ons will cease to work.

Highlights of Enhancements (complete details)

  • Save attachments into a different table than the item each as their own record. Such as email message into Activities and each attachment into a Documents table.
  • Outlook 2021 (a.k.a. Microsoft 365), 2019, and 2016 are now supported.
  • Delete corresponding Quick Base record when deleting Outlook item.
  • Support for Quick Base User Tokens.
  • Windows 11 and 10 are now supported.
  • Support for 64-bit versions of Outlook has been added.
  • New Quick Base field type "Multi-select Text" now supported.
  • SendToQuickBase has it's own Outlook ribbon allowing you to customize the location of the ribbon, and add it to the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Improved support for Microsoft Exchange email addresses and Outlook Contacts.
  • SendToQuickBase functions are now on the right-click menu. Right click on an email message, contact, calendar entry, etc. and you can save it in Quick Base. Or select multiple items, right-click and save them all. You can even open them too.
  • New option to show in Outlook that an item has been saved into Quick Base. (Item is tagged with an Outlook Category "Saved in Quick Base".) Found under Options on the Saving tab.
  • The Mapping Wizard now provides an option of creating a "Standard" versus "Advanced" mapping, where the Advanced mapping provides additional features.
  • New SendToOutlook feature "Open" to display an Outlook item (i.e. calendar, contact, etc.) using a Quick Base button or link.
  • SendToOutlook can now update a previously saved item in Outlook from Quick Base (i.e. calendar, contact, etc.) using the "NewOrUpdate" feature.
  • Quick Base Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML technology is now supported. This allows you to use your corporate sign-in with SendToQuickBase and SendToOutlook.

and many more enhancements.

SendToQuickBase 4

SendToQuickBase 3

SendToQuickBase 2

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