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SendToQuickBase™ saves Emails and Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and more into Quick Base!

Technical Support Terms

SoftTechExperts tries to satisfy every customer with a quick response to technical problems. The following govern the delivery of technical support.

To contact Support, please click here.


  • For product purchase, unless otherwise specified, support is included within the first year of initial purchase. For subsequent years, support may be purchased at 20% of the total license fees paid to date.
  • For custom solutions, support may be purchased as part of the proposal provided for each solution, or requested on an hourly basis with the fee prepaid.
  • Technical support is available via phone and email between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by SoftTechExperts.
  • There is limited support for users of trial versions of products.
  • SoftTechExperts will use reasonable efforts to provide technical support, but cannot guarantee resolving of all issues.
  • While every effort is made to respond in a timely manner, response times may vary based on work load. While responses are typically within the same business day, there is no guaranteed response time.
  • Use of technical support deemed excessive by SoftTechExperts may result in chargeable time for continued use.

Contacting Support

  • A single, designated person from your organization may contact support via phone or email.
  • Before requesting technical support, please consider the following:
    • Have you updated your software to the most recent version?
    • Is your question answered in the Online Documentation or demo videos?
    • Did you check our FAQ and Knowledge Base for common questions?

Covered by Technical Support

  • Any malfunction that prevents the use of the software.
  • Any problems caused by the software itself during the ordinary course of operation within its prescribed limitations.
  • Any technical problems that are a result of installing the software properly within its prescribed operating environment.

Also Included in Technical Support

  • All upgrades to the product purchased, including but not limited to bug-fixes, patches, workarounds, etc.
  • Access to all documentation and tutorials on the web site.

Excluded from Support

  • Problems arising from the improper use of the software.
  • Problems arising from the improper installation of the software.
  • Problems caused by the user during the ordinary course of operating the software.
  • Training on how to use the software.
  • Problems encountered while using the product in a manner for which it was not designed, via misuse or modification.
  • There is no technical support for discontinued products.