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SendToQuickBase™ saves Emails and Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and more into Quick Base!

Customer Testimonials

No better support, services, and value!

Ron Menville, Strategic Manager, Chemetec

In 30 years of business experience, we've rarely seen a company provide better support, service, and value. SoftTechExperts does this with complete integrity and a clear determination to surprise its customers with values exceeding their expectations. Five stars is easily earned by these guys.

Nothing but exceptional!

Dana Sadowski, Mainline Marketing, Inc.

We have worked with Joe Acunzo and SoftTechExperts for several years now and and have found the company to be nothing but exceptional. Joe's expertise in getting our Quick Base app to sync with our Outlook software across all of our platforms was invaluable. He was also able to come up with workarounds to specific issues we were having. Any time we run in to something custom we need to do, I know I can always count on Joe to have a solution. I highly recommend SoftTechExperts!

A great resource

Spence Lloyd, CFO, Avant Healthcare Professionals

We have been using SoftTechExperts products and services for over five years. Our experience has been outstanding. The tools work well, are reliable, and tech support is very responsive. We recently had Joe do some custom work for us related to one of our Quick Base apps that solved an issue that had been a pain point for many months. We highly recommend Joe and SoftTechExperts.

SendToQuickBase streamlines processes

Joey Zint, Hussmann Services Corporation

The SendToQuick Base add-on has been a great tool and asset to our Quick Base program. It has allowed us to streamline processes, that in the past, were taking a large amount of time to process and track. The creation of creating documents and emailing them to customers and vendors was taking a large amount of my time to create the files, email them and then track the emails. This process is now streamlined within the Quick Base app itself. Joe Acunzo has also been a huge help in developing some custom features that has also allowed us to reduce data entry from the customer side in regards to loading information into our app. He has been quick to respond when we have a rare issue and quickly resolves the problem.


Alexis Liebman, PMP Strategy Consulting

I have worked with SoftTechExperts to implement SendToQuick Base and Audit Trail for Quick Base solutions for a number of my Pharmaceutical clients. Joe has been a pleasure to work with and helpful during implementation and ongoing support. I would recommend working wth SoftTechExperts.

SoftTechExperts played an integral role with our organization

Mark M Granzier, Executive Director, Provider Network Alliance, LLC

SoftTechExperts has been nothing short of a godsend for us. It should be noted here that our Quick Base database is our main asset. SoftTechExperts has been instrumental in correcting our coding problems, unraveling inefficient coding and systems created by their predecessors. SoftTechExperts has harnessed the capabilities of Quick Base and applied them to our database. They have been able to apply automated solutions to extreme manual operations. We were able to reduce our staff from 9 FTEs to 5 FTEs and accomplish more with a greater degree of quality thanks to SoftTechExperts creativity and knowledge of Quick Base, hundreds of applications that support Quick Base, their contacts within the Quick Base programmer community as well as applications they had designed for unrelated business processes but creatively modified and applied to our business. In addition, SoftTechExperts led and facilitated a top-to-bottom review of all of our business processes and we were able to completely reengineer our operations to drive even more efficiencies. I consider the founder of SoftTechExperts, Joe Acunzo, a part of our leadership team. He has sound business acumen in addition to obvious talents with Quick Base and programming skills. I have called Joe The Wizard publicly in our team meetings, and more than once.

SoftTechExperts excels through a combination of stability and forward-thinking.

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President, Metrendalytics LLC

SoftTechExperts has been a proven collaborative partner of Metrendalytics LLC for several years. As a custom solution developer for a heavily regulated industry such as the life sciences and pharma, choosing the right development partner is so very critical. SoftTechExperts has provided excellence in support through a combination of stability and forward-thinking. They exhibit superior knowledge of job content and requirements combined with expertise in application development, automation, security, and compliance to meet pharma industry standards. Our collaboration together has been really a wonderful and unique experience, a real partnership versus a vendor. I have truly appreciated the breadth and depth of knowledge, responsiveness, and attention to detail and now have come to view their team as an extension of our own.

SendToQuickBase - great product!

Joe Scola, Principal Software Architect, Sage

The SendToQuickBase Quick Base add-on has worked reliably as we needed and is a great extension to Outlook/Quick Base. Joe Acunzo has always been helpful and we would recommend the product.

Great solution and fast!

Paul Pitts, CTO, All Star Software Systems

Our company was in need of a web-based, project Management System in a hurry. A recent Windows upgrade had rendered our old system useless and there was no way to recover it. We worked with SoftTechExperts to review our needs, which included: web based/hosted, easy to maintain, expandable and it must integrate with our email. SoftTechExperts didn't jump to conclusions but rather took the time to do the required analysis and then propose the correct solution. In less than a week, we were up and running with an easy to use Project Management system running on Quick Base that was also integrated with our email via their add on "SendToQuickBase". The speed of rollout and changes, ease of use combined with top notch support from SoftTechExperts not only solved our short term problem, it provided a superior solution to what we were using prior for project management.

Ahead of Time & Below Budget!

David Ferrier, IT Director, Boston Scientific Corporation

A few months ago we were tasked with developing a communication system between our internal Marketing Department and our external Field Force. The system needed to be simple to operate but still provide an eloquent interface that would strengthen our internal brand. The system would provide a standard look and feel and also provide tracking metrics. I am sure management thought this would probably take us a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Well with the help of Joe Acunzo and SendToQuickBase, we were able to develop our new communication system way ahead of time and well below budget. Joe worked with us every step of the way and had many suggestions for improvements and enhancements. We are very happy with the finished projects and are looking forward to getting Joe to help us on the next challenge.

Great Time Savings

Gilbert Spigelman, Sprint

We have an operations team and engineering team using SendtoQuickbase. Both teams rave about how much time is saved by sending Outlook items into Quick Base. Great tool.

Just Genius!

Tim DeBord, Penton Media, Inc.

SendToQuickBase is just genius! It's going to save us all kinds of time.

Great Software & Unsurpassed Support!

Tony Scott of Synergy ID LLC

SoftTechExperts has made our lives infinitely easier through the use of SendToQuickBase. We are able to capture our Outlook emails to our database and meet the requirements of our insurance partner. Joe has made updates over the weekend to accommodate my requests. The level of support I receive is unparalleled. I will continue using SendToQuickBase for all of my needs and look forward to updates along the way.

Highly recommended

Bob Esposito, Semtronic Associates

We have been using SendToQuickBase for several years at our company. We currently have a custom written Sales Opportunity app and had the need to attach e-mails and their attachments to specific opportunities. SoftTechExperts was very helpful in getting the add on set-up and deployed across our organization. I highly recommend both the add-On and SoftTechExperts to anyone needing this feature.

GREAT product!

Mike Owens, C-I-T, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that had your product not be available (SendToQuickBase), CIT would not have purchased the Quick Base product. I had used Quick Base with a previous company and was very familiar and comfortable with how it operated and how easy it was to make custom reports so when I saw it was available in a CRM format I was excited. I downloaded the trial version and went to work. It worked just as I had remembered but the big draw back was that I could not send information between my Outlook and Quick Base. This was going to be a deal breaker until I spoke with the Quick Base folks and found out about your product. Once I spoke with you and found out that we could send contacts, calendar events and emails to Quick Base from Outlook utilizing SendToQuickBase it was an easy decision to make. You make a GREAT product, thanks for all your help and support.

Fantastic time saver

Spence Lloyd, CFO, Avant Healthcare Professionals

SendToQuickBase is a tremendous tool and time-saver. We use it for a variety of integrations, including automatically saving emails in our Quick Base CRM application. Highly recommended!

Improved our Productivity

Lori Rae Snelling, Custom Medical Specialties

SendToQuickBase has improved our productivity immensely. Being able to email directly from Quick Base saves the Sales rep time and the ability to have [SendToQuickBase] send emails to Quick Base and create a new activity makes working with Quick Base more efficient. I can't imagine not having SendToQuickBase to use with our accounts. The Sales Rep can email quotes, sales announcements and purchase updates and have those emails put directly into the customers activities - it's great! If you are using Quick Base and rely on communication via email - I highly recommend this program.

Effortlessly maintain communications

Cheryl MacKenzie, TTG Systems Inc.

As a user of Quick Base, I am always looking for a way to automate some of the activities that I have built around our Client Management functionality. One of the problems that I had was ensuring that our Sales Team recorded client communications into the CRM. When SendToQuickBase went to beta I had the opportunity to trial it, I knew within moments that it was the answer. SendToQuickBase allows our Sales Team to effortlessly maintain documentation of their communications with clients by seamlessly forwarding emails that are client directed straight into our application. At any time, I can review a client file and read the email communications between the company and the client. The savings in time and effort were immediate and the long term impact has been significant. We have gone from a less than frequent recording of client communication to 100% accuracy. Thanks SoftTechExperts.


Zohar Shinar, ALTUS PCB

Overall, SendToOutlook is good and response time is great.